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      Let’s discover what your goals and dreams are as well as your CURRENT REALITY

      Access my Complimentary GOALS & DREAMS Discovery Plan here.

      Professional Coaching with Tracy Abel

      Choosing to review our journey to now and establishing our pathway forward is essential for continuous growth. Being curious about all that is ‘next’ clarifies our life direction, career and leadership choices.

      Working with a compassionate and professional coach with enhance your  leadership style. It can put conflicting thoughts and demands into perspective and provide the pivotal guidance you need to unleash your full potential.

      Leadership Coaching

      Needing to uncover your leadership potential?

      Needing to discover your leadership voice?

      Wanting to recover your sense of passion and vision for your team?

      Career Coaching

      Needing to uncover what really drives you?

      Needing to discover what motivates you towards success and satisfaction?

      Wanting to recover your personal values and work with a stronger sense of self?

      Life Coaching

      Needing to uncover where your true passions lie?

      Needing to discover what you want your next step is about?

      Wanting to recover your courage and sense of self-direction?

      your unlimited potential
      your pathway forward
      your sense of self
      your true intentions
      Tracy Abel - A Professional Coach

      About Tracy Abel

      I am a professional leadership and personal development coach. I formally qualified as a coach through the Neuro Learning Institute of Australia, after 30 years of being a coach in both the public and private sectors. Brain based coaching enables us to see how our brain can aid us in creating real traction in our lives to realise our dreams by putting action steps towards our goals. I will help you to fly the helicopter over your life to establish what is significant to you, clarify your intentions, then get you working towards the changes and outcomes you desire.

      Coaching Tools That I Use

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      Brain-Based Coaching Certificate
      Auckland College Certificate

      I can help you crystallise your thinking and renew your focus.

      I offer a full range of coaching services to enhance both your professional and personal life. In our fast paced lives we often experience:

      * COMPETING PRIORITIES (making it hard to get everything to fit)

      * CONFLICTING COMMITMENTS (everything seems urgent)

      * LACK OF CLARITY (unsure of your true direction)

      * UNCLEAR DIRECTION (which pathway is the best for you)

      * DESIRE TO ACHIEVE MORE (not working to your full potential)

      * NEEDING TO BE IN THE DRIVER’S SEAT (wanting better control)

      A one-on-one session with me will help you gain CLARITY, focus your energy and develop your LEADERSHIP VOICE. To find out how to UNCOVER your untapped, unlimited potential, DISCOVER your pathway forward and RECOVER your sense of self.  I encourage you to take my free Goals and Dream Plan and book a consultation with me.

      Fly the helicopter high and view your life, leadership role and career opportunities from a different perspective and create clarity.

      Establish what is significant to you. Let me help you clarify your intentions, and work toward changes you desire.

      Let’s discover what your goals and dreams are as well as your CURRENT REALITY.

      Access my Complimentary GOALS & DREAMS Discovery Plan here.

      *Unleash Your Potential*
      Free Reading Resources

      Standing at the Crossroads

      Standing at the Crossroads

      Standing at the Crossroads How to discover your pathway forwardDecide on Both Direction and Destination There are many times in our lives when we find ourselves at a crossroad. This may be because of age and stage or this may be because events have challenged the...

      3 Steps to deal with fear

      3 Steps to deal with fear

      Feel the Fear (and do it anyway) 3-steps to deal with fear  I had the privilege the other day of working with a group of women and we were talking about what our biggest fear is to move ourselves forward both professionally and personally. It was so interesting...

      Step 3: Moving from Under the Umbrella Towards Goals

      Step 3: Moving from Under the Umbrella Towards Goals

      Moving from Under the Umbrella Towards Goals Setting Goals to ACTION us forwardWhy setting goals to help us move forward And just like that, we are another week ahead of where we were last week. I want to now focus on how we do move forward. What we have done...

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      To facilitating your empowered change

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